Keep watching!

Of course, things aren’t finished. Not any closer, really. But look:

It’s a new dishwasher!
The replacement Electrolux was unrepairable, so Tasco got them to accept another return, and we traded up to Miele. La-di-dah! The price was a bit out of our comfort zone, but we were so sick of poorly made stuff, we went with the German engineering. It’s great. It’s very quiet, cleans better than the previous one, and best of all No Leaks!

So we continue to wait for the outside to be finished. Some day.

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Watch this space!

The end really is in sight now. Our contractor claims everything will be done next week. The inside really nearly done. I have a few pictures, taken on my iPhone, so the quality is lower than usual.

Oh, and we still don’t have a working dishwasher. The replacement one also leaked. We’re waiting for the next round of repairs to be done. Cross your fingers.







This is our new laundry area/utility sink.







This is the cabinet under the breakfast bar which has been hidden by a worktable for months. Not sure what I’m going to store in there.






Here’s the new banister and railing to the basement.







Tom got our media centre set up. So far the tv is the only piece of art on the walls.







Finally, this is a shot of our under-cabinet kitchen lights.

What’s left, you ask? Some final touches inside, repairs to the water-damaged cabinets, and all the outside soffits/gutters/downspouts and stuff.

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So what’s new?

It’s been a long time, and very little has happened, so I thought I would just check in to say, not much has happened.

Our new dishwasher is defective, leaks water, and has done some minor damage to our new cabinets. We’re getting a replacement dishwasher, and hopefully the cabinets can be repaired. The downstairs bathroom is done, except for things like towel racks and stuff, but I don’t have any pictures.

The upstairs bath is also finished (I just completed painting it today!), but no pictures.

Beyond that, most of the work has been unpacking and organizing. Very little from our contractor.

He’s on vacation at the moment. Maybe things will pick up in August.

Pictures when Tom has time to take them.


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Some pics

I didn’t have any pictures to go with the last post, so here’s a look at the more finished state of things now:







These are the glass cabinet doors, which really lighten up the weight of all the kitchen cabinets. And here are more kitchen views:





























Our downstairs bathroom (with the fancy toilet, but no sink yet):















And our lovely redone stairs, both up








and down:








I’m getting rather tired of predicting when it will all be done. Who know? Maybe before Christmas.


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Still trying to make that snail run

I was really hoping everything would be finished by the end of June, but I’m beginning to the doubt that’s possible. Our kitchen is nearly done, and we love it. The glass cabinet doors finally arrived, so I could finish unpacking everything. I still haven’t found one box of kitchen stuff, but I’m sure it will turn up. We still need the under-counter lighting installed, the icemaker hooked up and the stove and dishwasher anchored into place. Then it’s fnished.

The rest of the first floor just needs some minor painting and some electrical work finished. But unpacking is the main task left here. Unfortunately, the painter showed up and started varnishing both sets of stairs. He’s doing alternate steps, so we can get up and down, but there’s no chance of carrying things from one floor to the next, so I’m severely limited in how much I can do for the next two days.

The plumber was supposed to come today to installed the fixtures in the downstairs bath. He didn’t. Don’t know why.

No work has begun on soffits, gutters and downspouts.

We’ve bought lots of shelving from Ikea, so the books are starting to be unpacked. Soon the DVDs and CDs will also go up.

I’m determined the living room furniture will be in place by Friday.

I think I’ll post this now, and follow up with pictures later.


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The snail moves a little further

Things are picking up, but never as fast as we want. We were supposed to move our stuff back into the house on May 26, but things weren’t ready, so we aimed for June 2. We needed the trim finished, the walls painted, and the built-ins in the basement done so we had places to put our stuff without interfering with work areas. The contractor got pretty close, so we went ahead. There was one crisis when I discovered the painter had painted our shelving white, not the pale yellow we wanted. After some calming and coaxing, We got our yellow shelves, just in time.

Here are shots of the empty finished areas, with most of the flooring exposed (just not in the kitchen). Here’s the entrance area and living room:

And more of our green accent wall:

My favourite room is the sunroom:

Basement storage:

So all new and shiny and empty. It couldn’t last long:

The clutters returns! But we are determined to find a place for everything or get rid of it.

Next, I hope to show you a finished (or nearly) kitchen.

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The snail moves a little faster

Here are the most recent kitchen photos. The appliances are in place (except for the microwave), but not hooked up. The floor is still covered in paper and the handles aren’t on yet. After consultation with our designer/realtor friend Kyle, we finally picked a wall colour, but has yet to be applied:



The tilers have shown up, so things are really starting to come together. Here’s the sunroom floor:



The downstairs bathroom:


And the front entrance:



The tilers didn’t know we were living here during the renos, so they did the tile by both entrances. Which we weren’t allowed to walk on. So, they put down planks  by the front door and we managed. 

At the same time, the trim and moulding is being cut and attached, such as Maria’s window:


Speaking of  Maria’s room, it’s now the first one finished. It’s pretty amazing. And very “lilac.” Here are her walls before:




This is just a taste of all the art she and her friends had created on her walls over the years (Naruto, a manga character, and Harry Potter being the dominant themes).

So here’s a taste of what it looks like now (unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures before we immediately filled her room with clutter from the hallway so the painter could paint the hall the next day):



A finished room has us filled with hope. Having my house filled once again with workers and tools has also filled me with hope. It will end. We will have a life again.



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