Membership has its privileges

This may well be the last year I can afford to be a TIFF member, and perhaps the last year I can take the week off work, so I’m very happy that once again being a member paid off. I got all my first picks, and received my notification in a very timely manner. Here’s the list:

Fri       Lost In Paradise                                  10.11-43                      Jackman
9/9      From Up On Poppy Hill                    2.30-4.01                     AMC
The Artist                                            6-7.40                          VISA
Sat       Mr Tree                                                9-10.28a                      AMC

9/10     Into the Abyss                                    12-1.46p                       AMC
Goon                                                     3-4.30                          Ryerson
Edwin Boyd                                         9.15-11.00                    TIFF

Sun      Urbanized                                            1.15-2.37                       AMC
9/11     Death Of a Superhero                        3.15-4.54                      AMC
11 Flowers                                           6.15-8.05                      TIFF

Mon    Albert Hobbs                                      12.30-2.24                   Winter Garden
9/12    A Dangerous Method                        4.45-6.18                     TIFF
Killer Elite                                           7.30-9.15                      Scotia

Tues    The Oranges                                        12-1.35                         Ryerson
9/13    Shame                                                   3.15-4.54                     TIFF
Sisters & Brothers                              8.30-10                        AMC

Wed     M. Lazhar                                            3.30-5.04                     AMC
9/14     The Simple Life                                  6.30-8.27                     TIFF

Thurs   Mausam                                               3-5.40                          TIFF

Fri        Habemus Papam                               11.45-1.29                    Scotia
9/16     The Day                                               3-4.30                          Scotia
Dark Girls                                           6.30-7.45                     Scotia

Sat       Free Men                                            10-11.39                       Scotia
9/17     Hard Core Logo II                             12.45-2.19                    AMC
Comic-Con                                          3.30-4.58                     AMC
The Deep Blue Sea                             6.15-7.53                     TIFF

Sun      Page Eight                                          12-1.38                        Ryerson
9/18     Countdown                                         3-5                               TIFF

I’ve heard some negative reviews of Page Eight (it’s already been shown on the BBC). Not that it’s terrible, just not very original. Other than that, I know only what I’ve read in the TIFF programme book, and I’ll avoid all reviews from now on. The best part about TIFF is seeing movies in an atmosphere where everyone wants to enjoy it. That doesn’t save the worst of films, but it makes okay ones seem really good, and great ones seem amazing. Bring it on!


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