TIFF Day 1

Day One got off to a beautiful start with lovely weather and a building to sit against while waiting. Lost In Paradise ia a Vietnamese gay love story, set in the mean streets of Saigon. Bittersweet and engaging, it suffered from an overly sweet pop soundtrack and stiffly translated subtitles. But the boys were pretty (and there in person, though I didn’t stay for the Q & A), and the ending was believable, so all in all good.

Next was From Up On Poppy Hill Japanese animation by the younger Miyasaki.  It is a lovely film. A small, gentle, sweet story of teenagers and first love, I really enjoyed it. No fantasy, not for young children.

The day ended on a fabulous high note watching The Artist. This was a big hit at Cannes. It’s a silent film about a silent film star, and it’s loads of fun. This is not a super arty exploration of silent movies. It’s hilarious. Go see it if you can.

TIFF knitting this year is a simple sockinette sock in a totally fun colourway:

This is sock number one. The goal is to finish number two by the end of the festival. I did the cuff ahead of the festival, and have done about one inch on the leg today.

The yarn is Koigu, and this is the first time I’ve knit with it. I really like it.

Tomorrow is a very long day for me, with four movies, but I’m still going to try to post my reviews.


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1 Response to TIFF Day 1

  1. kurodubh says:

    The Artist was AMAZING! Looking forward to Goon.

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