TIFF Day 3

My final film yesterday was Edwin Boyd, a Canadian film about a famous gang of bank robbers. Really good movie, with great acting. Unfortunately the evening was marred by the shoddy treatment of the audience as we were trapped in the theatre until the cast were done schmoozing and had left. People were pissed off. TIFF will get an earful from me about this.

Today, in memory of 9/11, TIFF showed a short film featuring Piers Handling, and other festival folk remembering that day and how it affected the festival. It was very moving.

My first film today was a pretty good documentary, Urbanized. Nothing really wrong with it, but nothing all that gripping. I fell asleep, but remember, I was sleep deprived.

Next was an excellent Irish film, Death of a Superhero, by the director of A Film With Me In It and Perrier’s Bounty. This was something completely different: a teenage boy with cancer faces the possibility of death. Really well done.

Finally, a superb Chinese film, 11 Flowers. Think Stand By Me during the Cultural Revolution. Just excellent.


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