Final TIFF reflections and more

It’s been a week since I posted anything. A week of recovering from TIFF, dealing with new realities at my job (and more new realities to come), and losing the use of my laptop, so blogging is going to become less convenient.

TIFF is over, so movies won’t be quite so dominant in this blog, but I do have some final reflections. As many people have noted, this was not a year of break-out films, like Slumdog Millionaire, or The King’s Speech.  I thought The Artist might do it, but apparently not. I still think it was the best film of my TIFF.

The more distance I get from Shame, the less I love it. I still think the director, Steve McQueen (unfortunate name), is brilliant, but I’m not totally happy with all of his choices here. The film is about sex addiction and how debilitating and degrading it is. Then how come everyone in it is so beautiful, with little hair and perfect skin? An erotic, even porn, element creeps in and I’m not sure it’s appropriate. But I’m certainly willing to entertain contrary opinions.

On a more positive note, Monsieur Lahzur won best Canadian film, and is Canada’s entry in the foreign language film category at next year’s Oscars. It certainly deserves the attention. It’s lovely. Go see it.

Here are the results of my TIFF knitting:

This is just a basic plain sock, no pattern necessary, though I used Cookie A’s guidelines from  Sock Innovations.  I’m really happy with how these turned out. I love the Koigu yarn and the lack of pooling.

I’ve got lots of topics to cover in this blog: knitting, movies, books, and soon, renovations. Maybe I’ll organize my days blogging by topics, so readers can skip an entry if it’s on a topic they don’t care about. Something to consider.


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Vocation: teaching Job: ESL instructor in a private language school Family: one husband and two teenage daughters Pets: two cats, Kisa and Boo Passions: knitting, reading (mostly genre books), movies
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1 Response to Final TIFF reflections and more

  1. A. Bruce Pilcher says:

    Hi Anne: It has been interesting reading about your TIFF. I am looking forward to your writting on the books you read and your renovations.
    Keep up the effort.

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