Reno blogging begins

Since TIFF I really haven’t been able to get back into the blogging grove. Family and work stuff (things I don’t want to blog about, at least not in detail) have filled my life, mind, and sleepless early mornings lately, so blogging has been low on the list of things to think about or do.

But there’s always reno to talk about! Unfortunately, often not in a good way.

We live in a typical Toronto core two-story semi. 3 up, 3 down, one bathroom, a half-finished basement with a toilet, a back deck and a covered front porch. We were two adults, two small children, a cat, one computer, and a reasonable amount of furniture.

We’re now 4 adults (when everyone’s home), two cats, 1 desktop computer and 3 laptops, and too much furniture and stuff. Time to make more room.

So the plan is to enclose the front porch, making it a heated, glorified mud room. The back deck will be replaced with a sun-filled addition off the completely redone kitchen. The whole first floor will now be open concept, with the front “office” being reclaimed as living space. The basement will be redone, with a built-in shelving added, along with a complete bathroom. The upstairs back bedroom will have a boxed bay window added above the addition, and our upstairs bathroom will be redone (mostly getting rid of the claw-foot tub and replacing it with a shower stall; right now we can’t open the bathroom door completely).

As usual with renos, things are taking much longer than expected, and we haven’t even started yet! We had to get city approval on a zone variance, and instead of waiting 8 weeks for a hearing, we waited 4 months. Now we’re waiting on final plans being finished so we can get bids in, tender the contract, get permits, and try to get the foundation done for the addition before winter hits. Aargh!

Next time: appliance shopping.


About metermaid50

Vocation: teaching Job: ESL instructor in a private language school Family: one husband and two teenage daughters Pets: two cats, Kisa and Boo Passions: knitting, reading (mostly genre books), movies
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2 Responses to Reno blogging begins

  1. A. Bruce Pilcher says:

    My only comment is isn’t it time to get rid of stuff not creat more room. This of course from a guy who can’t get rid of an old worn out Tshirt.

  2. Fish Story says:

    That’s quite an undertaking. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

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