Off to the races!

It’s begun. Well, not really, but it will begin on Monday. The building permits were finally issued, so we met with our contractor, Tom, tonight and hammered out the details, signed the contract and wrote the first cheque (of many).

Monday they’ll start tearing down our back deck in preparation for breaking ground on our room addition. Our first task: pick out tile for floor in the new room.

I was a little worried that, with the reno starting just as Grace came home for exam period and the holidays, that the four of us would be crowding into 3 three rooms throughout December. But the plan is to work just on the addition and other outside things until January, and then move indoors. By then Grace will be back at Glendon and can stay there fulltime if things are too cramped here.

Despite the financial pressure, and the massive amount of work ahead of us, it’s a great relief to finally get things going.


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1 Response to Off to the races!

  1. brucep42 says:

    Great news! Praying that everything works out.

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