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I’ve haven’t posted lately because there’s been so little worth photographing. We’re at a pretty boring stage, visually speaking: framing up the walls and installing ductwork. The ductwork has been a source of stress, as suddenly there are bulkheads in unexpected places and late night doubts: “Wait, how are they going to send heat upstairs now that we’ve changed various plans?”

Things are working out, but we still have a big issue with a duct in the kitchen which will have a big impact on sightlines (and is something the draughtsman for the architect completely overlooked). We’re in discussions now to work out a solution.

The day our heat was completely disconnected (the contractor brought us very effective space heaters) our hot water heater stopped working. We rent our heater, so we called the company and they gave a 4-hour window for the tech’s arrival. He came in the first hour, but never found me (upstairs away from the construction) to tell me he was there. So although the heater was fixed, I kept waiting. And waiting. For four hours. Then calling, and waiting on hold, and waiting for a return call. For another hour. Finally to be told he had been here, fixed the heater, and gone. Hmf!

On the up side, we finally met with the kitchen builder, so things are finally moving in that department. We liked him a lot, but we’ll see what his proposal costs. Fingers crossed it will be surprisingly low. We could really use a break.

Oh, and we’ve had our first (and I hope only) major “uh-oh” surprise: they have to dig up the basement floor to replace a major piece of plumbing. No word on if this will add to the cost or the time. Any chance this reno will be done by Easter?


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