More budget busting

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated. It’s been nearly of month of delays and added costs. It’s pretty typical for a renovating a 100 year old house, but I was hoping we’d get lucky. Still, it could be worse.

The budget-busting  is coming from the basement. When they dug up the drain, we were surprised to see how thin the layer of concrete floor was, directly on top of dirt. Obviously, this was meant for a cellar, not a finished living space. Digging up the drain caused cracks throughout the concrete, to the point where the floor needed to be completely redone. On the plus side, they promised to give us an inch more headroom. That’s a big plus. On the negative side, all the new work is adding nearly $10,000 to the bill.

So  they dug out the concrete, except around the furnace and water heater, and, as the picture will show, have dug down a few inches:
























They’ve also wrapped the addition:








As for the kitchen, nothing has happened. The builder was hoping to get us the plans before he went away for Spring Break (must be nice), but that didn’t happen. So we’re back to waiting. I’m sure our March 31 end date, won’t be met. It would be great if we could move out of the upstairs before Grace moved back in from university (mid-April), but I’m not optimistic. End of April?

In the meantime, we’re trying to find ways to cut costs.


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